Application Form

Members shall receive non-confidential research information from the other members of the Alliance. Members of the Alliance have the priority to jointly apply for international or regional research funding or to be subcontractors for such funding. Members will have priority to deliver presentations on the academic activities organized by the Alliance.Members undertake to support the activities of the Alliance by endeavouring to send delegates to all activities organized by the Alliance. There is no membership fee for all members of the Alliance. Members are responsible for the cost of their own contribution to the activities of the Alliance.

Please click here to download the pdf version of the  membership application form

Please click here to download the pdf version of the membership nomination form


Activity Executor Activity content
1 Download the application form and the recommendation form applicant Get the form on the Alliance’s website or directly from the Founding members.
2 Fill in the form and submit the form applicant 1. Fill in the application form. The organization chooses one person as an agent to join the council. The application form should be signed by the agent;

2. Fill in the recommendation form. New members will need to be nominated by at least two existing members. The recommendation form should be signed by the founding members of the alliance.

3 Preliminary review Secretariat Preliminary review of the secretariat.
4 Executive committee (EC) approval EC The EC shall approve the approval and notify the secretariat of the result of approval.
5 Issue notification of membership/ certificate of membership Secretariat The secretariat issues membership notices and informs the alliance of matters.
6 Membership Member The new members have the rights of members and perform corresponding membership obligations at the same time. (for details, see the Framework and Charter of the alliance)
7 To register membership information and inform other members Secretariat The secretariat shall register the membership information and archive it, then introduce new members to other members.